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Fragrances to inspire success…

After several years Valeting & Detailing cars, we became frustrated with our clients having the same old standard air fresheners in their cars which look ordinary and only lasted 4-5 days.

So we set about doing some extensive research into different idea’s whilst at the same time collecting feedback from clients on different ideas which they would like to see in a new product.

There were lots of variations of ideas & we wanted to have a stand out product so together with the feedback and our own ideas we set about creating a product which had the following the aspects which were most important to us :- 

 Luxury Design    Unique Scents    Longer Lasting 

 Luxury Design   

 Unique Scents 

 Longer Lasting 

This is when Fragrances By Aqua was born…


Top Selling Products

Our unique designer scents will make your car,home or office fragrant and fresh.

Creed Aventus


  • Inspired by
  • For use in your car

Invictus - Spray


  • Inspired by
  • For use in your car or the home

creed Gift Set


  • Ideal for special occasions
  • Gift set includes, gift box, 1 x Fragrance, 1 x Spray & 1x Personalised card